The adjacent Wennink Mill can be visited on most Saturday afternoons, for a different time of day you can make an appointment.

Kulturhus Lintelo is within walking distance, about 500m. The Kulturhus is the heart of Lintelo, lot of activities take place there and you can also grab a meal or drink at it's Grand Cafe.

Aalten and Bredevoort

The town Aalten houses the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum, the Old Helena Church (with famous frescoes) and the Easter Church (with special stained glass windows. Take a stroll through the gängeskes and visit the petting zoo at the Ahof manor.

Visit The City of Books Bredevoort with the Couple Church for performances or exhibitions and the Saint George Church for concerts. Or take a swim in bathing lake Slingeplas.


Visit in border village Dinxperlo the Grenslandmuseum and take a stroll on the border with Suderwick.


Guided tours are possible in Aalten and Bredevoort.

The cycling and walking junction network in the Achterhoek make it possible to create your own route.

In June the Farm & Country Fair is hosted in the nearby village IJzerlo.

For more information visit Tourist Office Aalten, Bredevoort & Dinxperlo.